About Grelhados

Welcome to Grelhados! Our family is honored to introduce you to our unique, mouthwatering cuisine highlighting western classics with a Portuguese twist (and sometimes kick).


The Restaurant

Our restaurant is truly a dream come true for the founder, who spent decades in the food industry working his way up with a goal of one day opening a place of his own. We infuse this passion into our ambiance and menu, which is evident in our cozy yet open layout, aromatic atmosphere, and distinct flavor profiles that come through in each bite.

Inclusive Menu

We pride ourselves in balancing flavors while creating an experience that is inclusive to all taste buds and dietary preferences. With an intentional balance of sweet notes and fiery spices, rich homemade sauces and light accents, the result is a tasty affair for everyone to enjoy.
Family owned and operated, Grelhados provides a friendly and lively environment suitable for family gatherings, date nights, professional events, and everything in between. Our priority is to ensure our guests have an exceptional experience which includes delectable food, high end service, and an inviting atmosphere from the moment one enters our establishment. Call us to book a reservation or drop in and visit us soon, we can’t wait to connect with you!